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    Ordering your garment

    For Isa it is essential to connect first and then create. To develop your design she wants to hear your story and the vision of your perfect garment.


    In order to have excellent results that work long-distance, Isa has created a method in which she will be in contact with you during the process of co-designing and making. She will also explain you how to measure your body precisely.


    Each piece can take up to 6 weeks to be designed and made, so a minimum number of orders can be completed per year. The lining process (optional) can also take up to 2 months depending on availability. Please order your gown well in advance.


    Isa invites you to connect for an initial no-obligation, free consultation. After ordering, overseas customers will be attended online and Australian customers may be visited in person, depending on availability.

  • E X P E R I E N C E S

    Stories of Isa's Clientele

  • Audrey Ferguson

    video in English

    "I put the dress on and I remember... the first feeling was: it fits perfectly"

    Photography by

    Bek Smith

  • Beatriz Lopes

    video in English

    "I wanted something unique, something that I could wear after the wedding, something that is handmade and special"

    Photography by

    Grant O'Brien

  • Francisca Jara

    video in Spanish

    "It's really amazing the gift and talent that Isa has to weave a dress that fit to perfection"

    Photography by

    María Paz Alvarado