Isa Catepillán designs full-length wedding dresses, one crochet stitch at a time, and weaves them for women who want to see the ritual of commitment with new eyes. Those who understand the difference it makes to wear something made with love and feel more comfortable in a garment produced with natural threads avoiding industrial processes and synthetic fabrics.


    With every dress she creates a new piece that is more like wearable art than high fashion. High quality Brazilian cotton and Isa's experienced hands combine to create something both fresh and deeply elegant for each woman.


    Her work looks back to the wisdom of women who slowly and meticulously sewed their own dresses or had heirloom garments passed down to them through the generations.


    With the use of shapes inspired by nature's geometry, Isa weaves her way from head to toe to create a garment that will last the test of time. Custom made to match every body-shape and size, each piece is lined with a pure silk undergarment made to fit the bride perfectly.


    Isa's first collection: "Hijas de la Luna", (Daughters of the Moon), shows her talent as both crochet technician and gifted designer. The collection captures the power and the refined beauty of the feminine, while using the phases of the moon as a metaphor for the different stages of womanhood.

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    For Isa it is essential to connect first and then create. To develop your design she wants to hear your story, wedding plans, and the vision for your perfect wedding dress.


    In order to have excellent results that work long-distance, Isa has created a method in which she will be in contact with the bride during the process of co-designing and making. She will also explain you how to measure your body precisely.


    Each order includes a pure silk full-length slip (optional). The satin look of the silk in contrast with the matte color of the woven cotton, beautifully makes the dress look elegant and fresh.


    Each dress takes 4-6 weeks to be designed and made, so a maximum of 10 custom orders can be completed per year. The lining process can also take up to 2 months depending on availability. Please order your bridal gown well in advance.


    If you are a bride-to-be, Isa invites you to connect for an initial no-obligation, free consultation. After ordering, overseas customers will be attended online and Australian customers may be visited in person, depending on availability.



    "Hijas de la Luna"

    Daughters of the Moon

    Luna Nueva

    New Moon

    It is a size XS/S and is both tight and slim, but still provides free movement and extreme comfort. Isa recommends this piece to a woman with a small breast size and waist, but bigger hips to highlight the natural shapes of the body. The lower fringing makes it an easier fit for different heights. Tightly crocheted, this dress allows your skin to breath freely, without an undergarment (optional). Tightly woven, you can see through just enough to keep it both sexy and elegant.


    Dress AUD$ 1.600

    Dress + pure silk undergarment AUD$ 2.000

    Luna Creciente

    Crescent Moon

    It evokes the spirit of spring for a blooming bride. At a size S/M it’s a flattering garment on most body shapes. The stunning open back and natural patterns will draw a curvaceous shape that will make you feel deeply feminine and delicate. This slimming garment includes (optional) a full length pure silk undergarment, that will be made specially for your body measurements.


    Dress $2.600

    Dress + pure silk undergarment $3.100

    Luna Llena

    Full Moon

    This is the highlight of Isa's wedding dress collection of the 2016. A size L/XL, this dress will fit almost any tall woman who wants to feel like a goddess on her wedding day. "Luna Llena" also includes a pure silk underskirt from waist to ankles. Enjoy the delightful experience of being dressed in an exquisite garment that is comfortable, incredible and made with love.


    Dress $3.900

    Dress + pure silk underskirt $4.200

    Luna Menguante

    Waning Moon

    It is a complex piece, woven horizontally, but following vertical patterns, this dress will make you feel stylish and slim. With a closed neckline and a tubular fall, it gives you an elegant look contrasted by a big striking open back. It's intricate stitches and subtle adornment of crystal edging, it's a true piece of wearable art. Size M/L, Isa recommends this dress for a tall and curvaceous woman. This price includes a pure silk custom undergarment.


    Dress $3.200

    Dress + pure silk undergarment $3.700

    Luna Negra

    Dark Moon

    It is a charming dress that will captivate the gaze of everyone who sees it. With simple stitches but intricate shapes, it will make you look both classic and daring. Size XS/S, Isa recommends "Luna Negra" to a woman with a small breast size and slim figure. It includes a pure silk custom underskirt from your waist to your ankles. The upper part would be best worn with skin-tone adhesive covers on both breasts.


    Dress $2.300

    Dress + pure silk underskirt $2.600

  • "Amid the madness of these times,

    where everything is fast or even instantaneous,

    I've decided to take my time"


    ~ Isa Catepillán







    Isa Catepillán (pronounced 'Ca-te-pee-yan') is a textile artist whose work speaks about feminine strength and delicate power. Combining modern style with ancient technique, Isa, who was born in Chile and now lives in Australia, finds inspiration in her Italian and Indigenous Mapuche heritage.


    Isa first encountered crochet when her mother passed down skills to her as a child. From making different types of craft pieces as a hobby, to completing an economics degree, quitting her job and and traveling the world, Isa has found her way back to her first love: creating beauty by hand.


    In 2015, she decided to take a leap of faith and attempt to make a full-length crochet dress entirely of her own design. Somehow, through the help of what many weaving artists call their 'grandmother's hands', the dress slowly appeared.


    The action of looping and stitching threads of cotton became like the prayer beads of a devotee, and the repetition of the meticulous process is now one more of meditation than hard work.

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